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Tip 1

Don't just grow up.. GLOW UP!


Tip 2

It's okay to feel sad sometimes, just remember life isn't all bad!


Tip 3

Everything comes and goes but what is inside you just like a flower grows


Tip 4 

​You can't make up your mind? Speak to someone you love and trust & the answer you will find! 


Tip 5 

Things  aren't going your way? Hold on You're gonna be ok


Tip 6​ 

Like clouds everything passes by, but don't forget YOU are the SKY!


Tip 7 

If you're having a bad day, do something you Love and you'll find another way 


Tip 8

If you are not feeling at all fine REMEMBER you can call 179


Tip 9

Be that friend who makes you smile

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Tip 10

If it's not your time to shine, stay in line


Tip 11

Everywhere you go be 100% you, Stay real 

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Tip 12

Manage your time with tact... Life is one great balancing act!

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